I have been gone for far too long and for that I apologize.  To kick things off, I will share some little devotional pieces I have written about each of the Gods.

Renowned, Famed, Glorious Hephaistos, God of Fire, Metalworking and Crafts.  Cast away at birth and disregarded as weak and delicate, you proved yourself worthy and supreme, rising to the heights of Mount Olympus.  You are the God of Hard Work and instill the quiet perseverance and strength of heart in every mortal.  Resourceful and inventive, you always find a way and have an endurance in all things that is everlasting.  Golden Divine Phoenix, you always rise high above the ashes, never succumbing to despair or defeat, but reborn with the bright purifying fire of determination.  Your creativity, ingenuity and skill, keeps the universe moving forward. 

Virtuous, loyal and wise God, I am humbled and filled with joy in your presence.  You warm the hearts and put a smile on the faces of both mortal and divine.  I honor and praise you, great mighty Hephaistos.

Hail Hephaistos


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