Noble, Blessed Queen Mother.
You are as swift and fierce as a gust of wind.
No one escapes your loving embrace.
Breathing life into our wearied souls, we are reborn.
Each day you inspire all of mankind to rise.
Your beauty is beyond words.
With eyes that see all, your presence captivates our hearts.
Softly whispering words of hope, you save us when we are blinded by darkness.
Majestic Goddess, grant us the strength to always believe and persevere no matter what may arise.
Please remind us to always maintain our honor and dignity.
Bless our relationships with partners who believe in mutual respect and honesty.
We are forever grateful to you, awe inspiring divine queen.  Hera, royal Goddess, we give you honor and praise with every fiber of our being. Hail Hera.


3 thoughts on “Hera

  1. Wow! This is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read. I was searching the internet about the difference between Mars and Aries and found your blog. It is quite grand. Could I have your permission to place this poem in a journal to Hera I am currently writing for her. It will never see the light of day as it is only a personal journal but I doubt she would like it if I did not ask for permission to place it there. I don’t know why I didn’t find this blog sooner. Good luck!!!


    • Thank you! And yes you can definitely place it in your journal if you like. I am really finding myself drawn to Hera more and more. She is incredible! 🙂

      • Thank You so much! She most defiantly is. I just wish I knew people who also feel drawn to her, much like you to Ares. I would love to pick at their mind a little bit. She makes my heart soar just talking about her. Thank you again for your generosity.


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