In search of Ares: Lord, Saviour and Divine General

I do not think there is any possible words I could say, that could begin to express just how deeply I feel about Lord Ares. Worshipping Lord Ares, is like breathing. It is fundamental and necessary to my existence. People have plenty to say and assume about Him. How many of those people have actually lifted their voices in prayer to Him? Even among Hellenic Polytheists, some are disrespectful, but as soon as trouble arises, “I am going to stick Ares on you!”
Amazing what you find on the internet! My experience of Lord Ares might be different or it might even be similar to your own, but the only way to truly discover the warrior God, is to seek Him yourself with an open mind and a humble heart. (Homer, by the way, is not the be all, end all of Hellenism..) When I speak of Lord Ares, I speak from my heart and my own experiences.

He is Lord Ares, out of respect because He is a God and a son of Zeus. He has authority and is a divine ruler. He is a warrior and king in His own right. Although Father Zeus is King of All, Lord Ares is still a God worthy of respect, praise and adoration. He is a supreme being. Before you roll your eyes, and say “duh!!!”, I have to point this out because people often forget that he is a deity when they start dissing Him. We are only mortal, that does not mean we are dog poo, but I think humility and respect are qualities that should be emphasized more in our community. I think there are more than enough myths to explain why arrogance never pays off in relating to the divine.

He is a savior. Yes, a savior. In my darkest moments, when all hope seems lost, He is always there driving me forward. He has seen me at my weakest moments. He was there when I thought of ending my own life…Despite his reputation of being a “bully”, He has always been a kind and loving father to me. He could have easily torn me down but instead he breathed into me courage and the will to live. No matter how many tears I shed, he does not stop teaching and challenging me. I was in a very heated argument a little while ago, and it was about to get, well, bad…I remember standing eye to eye with this person. Then like a smoke rising from the ground, I felt a stirring of strength starting from my feet and rising all the way to my head. For the first time I stood eye to eye, toe to toe with an opponent. Instead of shaking with fear I felt a strength in me that I had never felt before. It is an amazing feeling, to truly stick up for yourself. To make a stand. That is the gift of life itself. That is the blessing of Lord Ares. There is no hiding behind him like a scared puppy. He makes you face your problems and challenges head on. He saves our souls from cowardice and despair. He saves us from ourselves but that does not mean you are the damsel in distress. When He comes to save you, He will place a sword in your hand and march you forward.

His way of saying He believes in you, can feel like being tossed in the middle of battle but he is the general that leads by example. The general fighting alongside his men. He is the general, whose voice can rally countless warriors to victory. He is the whisper commanding you to rise, when life seems to continually knock you down.

He is bloody, murderous, fearsome and dangerous. He is a war God but He is also so much more. As a child, I used to be so scared I would jump behind the couch every time someone knocked on the door. I was always afraid. I would hide in my closet, and scream into a wash cloth so no one would hear my sobs but He did… He took a scared little girl like me and taught me to rise. He is my Lord and Savior. He is my general and commander. He is my divine father and no matter where he leads me, to the depth of darkness and beyond, I will follow.


10 thoughts on “In search of Ares: Lord, Saviour and Divine General

  1. Oh wow…the last paragraph brought me to tears…honestly. I was the same…the same until he came and lifted me from the ground. Once the bullies in my school had surrounded me with some desks and were pushing me, tauting me, hitting me….then i have no idea what happened…as if i was on fire…the fear dissapeard and i pushed all the desks in different directions, pushed all of the bullies off and left the room. When the teacher saw me she tried to stop me telling me i need a psychologyst(sp?) but i said ”make me!” and left. yes, i had tears in my eyes, but no more tears of fear, but rage. i was shaking with anger. When i came back in class they were pretty much scared to come near me. As far as i found out…there was something in the way i looked at them…as if it wasnt my calm look, but of some predator. This is one of the momments He is with me, making me stand up for myself. This is the first time i share this in public, but i feel that you would understand. Thank you for the beautiful post. Please reply, I am even willing to give you my skype, so we can talk more about this 🙂 Until then.
    Hail Ares, God of war, bringer of tears….but also the one who wipes them away. ❤

    • “Hail Ares, God of war, bringer of tears….but also the one who wipes them away. ❤ " I just love that and it is absolutely perfect! I am glad you stood up for yourself, and that he is with you! He is one of the most misunderstood deities. I have never done Skype before but I will look into it and maybe setup an email address for this blog. It's nice to see another follower of Ares who is actually nice!

      • I know 🙂 He is amazing! I always get angry when someone calls him only ”bloodthisrsty” and asks something like ”but he is the god of WAR, how can you like him”….*enter an at least 1 hour dabate about him, where i win by the way* I just dont let people say bad things about him, because he is much more than that. He is a really cool guy and knows what he wants. He makes sure I face my fears. When I’m too chicken he pretty much drags me there lol. Its probably something like ”Go there!”…”No!” ”go. ” ”no”…I end up going every time and i never regret it. I have no idea where I would be without him.
        Hail Ares 🙂

  2. I have always felt a connection to Lord Ares and it have only gotten stronger as I have gotten older. I have talked to him, prayed to him preformed rituals for him and I feel him with me always. I have always felt alone with this feeling but seeing this I know now that I am not alone in my worship of him. He has helped me so many times and I am honored by his presence and glad to see I am not the only one. Thank you for sharing this.

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