I am a Hellenic Polytheist, leaning in the traditional and reconstructionist route.  I am deeply devoted to Ares and to Apollon, but I do worship all of them.  My relationship with Hermes is emerging.  He can always make me smile.  I am also becoming acquainted with Loki.  I worship and stick with the Greek deities but I made an exception for Loki.  I believe it’s best to get to know that particular deity before making assumptions.  Loki has been very kind, and so he is welcome in my household.  I came from a traditional religious background, I grew up Catholic and ventured into the Protestant denominations before leaving all religion entirely for a while.  I am not familiar with Wicca, witchcraft or neo-paganism but I respect all those who show me the same respect and kindness.  I mention it because I haven’t found anyone else with a similar background.  Everyone seems to come from Wicca or another pagan path.   From what I understand they believe in soft polytheism, or just one god and goddess.  I am a hard polytheist and believe in many gods and goddesses.


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